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The most comprehensive workplace and employee engagement toolkit. The fastest most accurate way to define your working world.

Working Together

The Compass Workshops

Detailed understanding of employee requirements. Designed to be empathetic and inclusive, these sessions will deliver actionable outcomes.

Facilitated sessions that can focus on workplace transformation or employee wellbeing. Latest techniques & technologies combine to create immersive sessions for participants that will deliver a road map for change.


Cabot Engagement Tools

User-led high level feedback on anything you choose. Allows you to collect large data sets from on-the-spot locations


Point your smart phone at a QR code. Engage your audience naturally through conversations. Capture attention and build stronger relationships.

Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Cognito UX Platform

A curated experience for leaving feedback on workplace and wellbeing issues. Capture high levels of detail with images and written feedback in minutes.

A gamified iPad experience utilising AR to enable participants  to walk through their workspace leaving experiential and preferential feedback. Produce live interactive dashboards.

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