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Cognito UX feedback platform

The Primary goal for Cognito is to make user feedback fun, engaging and interactive whilst providing deep insights into employees' experience within their workplace environment. Essentially gamifying user feedback that is qualified and authentic to help implement change. Cognito gives the user space and time to consider, reflect and share experiences in an accurate and expressive way.

Based on years of experience from designers, workplace consultants, psychologists and anthropologists, Cognito will deliver advanced insights into your workplace, your people and your entire organization. It will uncover answers to questions that you’ve not thought of yet. Through innovative user interface, drag and drop features allow the user to set the agenda.

Providing employees with an experience like no other that includes an interactive rating quadrant, augmented reality overlay, end of area observation, approve and reject discs and photojournalism.

 Designed to enable and capture reflective thinking. You can be sure the responses will be truly considered.

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Understand and improve employees experience within their workplace environment.

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Making feedback fun and engaging goes beyond stale surveys & get better more plentiful responses.


Have multiple intuitive reports displayed on your own customizable dashboards.

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Short sharp assessment of your organisations key components &  how they are used and perceived.

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Leverage your workplace communities by creating internal teams to replace external consultants.

What Our Clients Say

Group HRD - Logistics

“The Curve’s tools are simply the best on the market I have come across for gaining employee feedback. There are lots of tools out there pretending to be world class, but Cognito is the only one I have worked with that I would put into that bracket ”  

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