Project 21

Recoding your working world post lockdown

Project 21 is perhaps the most exciting project we have ever been involved in. Combining some the most innovative organisations and people involved in workplace. 
It is fair to say that the way we work has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. How can you be sure that the working world your teams require are being delivered and embraced to the fullest? Find out how we can help ensure you provide your people with the optimum working environment, support and technology. Welcome to the future of people centric working.


Introductory Consultation

Preparing the ground for a new way of working

Understanding what is required is going to be difficult, after all none of us have ever been in this position before. The Curve can help you tap into the richest vein of data that your organisation requires. Your people.

Creating a culture based on people centred working is more than changing your office space or enabling home working. It is an opportunity to inspire your staff and transform your business.

We will work with you deliver a new way of working that is as empowering for your teams as it is effective for you strategic objectives but it all starts with understanding.



Creating your change playbook

The primary goal for Cognito is to make user  feedback fun,

engaging and interactive whilst providing deep insights into your employees experience

Within their working world. Essentially gamifying user feedback

That is qualified and authentic and essential for you to implement change.


Understand and improve employees experience within their workplace environment.

A short sharp assessment of your organisations key components

And how they are used and perceived.

Leverage your workplace communities by creating internal teams to replace external consultants.

Gamified, fun and engaging. Cognito goes beyond stale surveys to

Deliver you better more plentiful responses.

Receive multiple intuitive reports displayed on your own customizable dashboards.

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 16.58.35.png

Advanced Imaging 

Helping you visualise your future selves

Helping you visualise your future selves

As our working world changes being able to visualize current workplace and any changes that you may need to make is invaluable. We can bring  the art of the possible to life. With LenZ dynamic workplace visualisation we create immersive experiences that allow you to curate and consume critical information across a series of locations from anywhere in the world.


  • 3D virtual tours for remote management and visualisation

  • On-boarding & orientation for new starts and ensure they hit the ground running

  • Attract and retain talent by leveraging your workplace community

  • Use best in class 3D mapping to locate and view critical buildings and asset data