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Meeting the learning needs of children is fundamental yet challenging to do against the backdrop of an ever-changing landscape. How can teachers, parents and pupils work together to achieve this?
With access to critical information, familiarity of environment and helping to implement best practice we believe curvED can bring these groups closer to together to inform, empower each other and drive impactful positive outcomes.

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Designed to support our stakeholders in undertaking, aiding and providing a quality academic journey for students. On the surface, It is a virtual walk through of your learning environment and will allow you to visit the school from any device, no matter where you are.

Beyond 3D mapping, LenZ also allows teachers to use the virtual space as an online classroom, with the ability to upload links to different types of learning materials to support student learning from home and encourages parents to get involved in the process. 

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Advanced Imaging

We work collaboratively with schools to deliver

an artistic rendering of their grounds and
facilities. The result is a beautiful and creative
way to explore the school and surrounding areas.

It also is an interesting way for prospective

Students and their parents to get a good feel for

The school environment.

We also work with our valued partners and
 web developers to use our CGI maps as an

 outlet to showcase important information

about the school.



  • Explore learning environment

  • View important documents such as: timetables, lunch menus, school and teacher announcements.

  • View student work and achievements.

  • Download homework

  •  Access online lessons, videos, tutorials to support learning at home.

  • View classrooms and the work done in different year groups.

  • Get to know the school staff.

  • Understand health & safety procedures and be informed of new procedures put in place.

  • Links to fundraisers, events in the community affiliated with the school. 

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Behind Cognito sits the desire to make working environments optimal for all who occupy it. What began in offices around the country has now found itself in the educational sphere based on the great need to support young minds and all of those who help them flourish.

Cognito uses data collection and analysis to deliver you advanced insights into your school through the voices of your students, their parents and their teachers. From the classroom to the playground and everywhere in between, we work together to truly understand how the space and everything within it is impacting the educational experience. The gamification technology that Cognito provides makes user feedback fun, authentic, engaging and interactive for stakeholder groups. The result is quality, purpose lead solutions based on their feedback.

A small selection of our clients

Delighted to support the following


Codsall Middle School

When the COVID19 pandemic stopped schools from being accessible to prospective students and their families, we started working with Codsall Middle School. They asked us to support them in delivering a Virtual Open Day that would mimic the experience they would have been able to give if they could facilitate guided tours in person. With the use of a colour coded tagging system, videos and text, we were able to do just that. Visitors followed the coloured tags around the school to meet students and teachers in recorded videos that gave information about the different subjects, classrooms and facilities. The feedback was excellent. Students and their guardians were impressed to have had such an authentic and warm welcome to the school despite the restrictions that made it impossible to physically roam the school.

Stratford Upon Avon School & Sixth Form

We were excited when Stratford Upon Avon School & Sixth Form contacted us. The secondary school prides itself on the energy, enthusiasm and exceptional work of their students and staff. As the COVID19 pandemic prohibited prospective students and their families from entering the school, we used LenZ to create a 3D map that would allow for wayfinding; a chance to explore the school hallways and classrooms. We also employed tags to enhance the wayfinding experience. These tags were put in place for students to learn more about the school through video and text. The information in their model is updated frequently to reflect the ongoing changes in their school and curriculum. Stratford Upon Avon School & Sixth Form, their students and their guardians enjoyed LenZ so much that they are currently in the process of using it to enhance their online and at home learning capabilities and will start using it as an educational platform.

Calveley Primary School

Located in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, Calveley Primary School is a small school achieving fantastic results with their young minds. The school looked to use LenZ to showcase the brilliant work their teachers do on a daily basis to implement ‘best practice’ to serve and nurture their students. We are currently working to support this school in using LenZ as an educational platform as well as to celebrate student success. Whether it’s an academic, behavioural or personal achievement, the students at Calveley are able to share their triumphs with their families and guardians at home.

Claires Court School

We helped Claires Court achieve a CGI graphic rendering of their school campus and surrounding area to host on the main page of their website. They wanted it to be the first thing that visitors see when searching for their school online. We worked closely to understand their needs and to really exemplify the beauty of their campus in a creative and artistic way. Recently, the school has used the CGI images to assist with virtual Open Days to show parents and students their way around the campus and to highlight the various facilities and local amenities they can use during their time at the school.

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