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Working Together

The Compass Workshops

A fundamental principle of the Compass workshop is that it’s collaborative and non-hierarchical with an emphasis on the importance of employee participation and action.

Taking a collaborative approach that entails the active participation of those who stand to benefit from the research is essential in environments where strong opinions and preconceptions exist.

Participants and researchers work collaboratively with the aim of understanding a problematic situation and then reflecting on the results to work toward a solution.

Randomly selected participants are invited to facilitated workshops to take part in activities designed to provoke self-reflection of predetermined topics.

The sessions are observed and analysed to inform themes and trends (Thematic Analysis) that generate a report and/or formulate a bias-free question flow in Cabot that can be published to the wider workplace community. 

The process engages employees, unlocks the actual needs and concerns of the workplace community, removes bias, assumption and significantly reduces the risk of misinterpreting data.

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Provides an environment where employees feel empowered by their voice.

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Ensures the first step in the process is the right one.

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Analytical methods applied to identify themes to ensure comprehensive and reliable insight.

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Activities designed to provoke reflective thinking and engage employees.

What Our Clients Say

Group HRD - Logistics

“The Curve’s tools are simply the best on the market I have come across for gaining employee feedback. There are lots of tools out there pretending to be world class, but Cognito is the only one I have worked with that I would put into that bracket ”  

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