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Not only is Cabot a highly effective way of both providing and receiving information, it is also incredibly simple to deploy and use. Grab your smart phone, scan a QR code and you can watch videos, leave feedback & ratings, you can even engage in conversation with a bot or a human.

Always on and always ready to capture vital information. Cabot is a versatile instrument that will provide effective and varied experiences at vital touch points throughout your project. Switch between sending your audience a wide range of content types and then asking them for feedback or opinions on any subject you choose.

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Grab attention at the right time. Allow you audience to engage with comms on their own devices at a time of their choosing.

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Understand what your audience would change and what they wouldn’t. Our framework ensures high engagement and rich detail.


Collect user insights via chatbots, flash polls, ratings and more. Then receive the results daily, weekly or monthly.

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Provide access to supporting information. Deliver your message via web, video, infographics and social media.


Launch chatbots on the web as pop-ups, embeds, or landing pages. You can also send via WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger.

What Our Clients Say

Group HRD - Logistics

“The Curve’s tools are simply the best on the market I have come across for gaining employee feedback. There are lots of tools out there pretending to be world class, but Cognito is the only one I have worked with that I would put into that bracket ”  

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