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The Curve was founded in 2018 by long standing friends Ben and Dan. They had worked together for a number of years in client facing roles for a global tech giant. United by a passionate desire to drive positive change into the workplaces of the world. 


Quitting their jobs they travelled extensively throughout Europe and North America consulting and interviewing some of the brightest minds in organizational development, workplace design, psychology and those at the forefront of purpose based business. 

They developed a framework based on anthropological and ethnographic principles that would bring understanding and clarity to the complex relationships that exist between individuals, departments and management structures of today's organisations. 

The result is a comprehensive suite of tools that deliver a proven methodology. Enabling organisations to truly understand where to focus energies to unlock their potential.


The Founders

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Daniel Scott

Founder and Director

What excites me most is creating experiences that enable self-reflection and generate deeper self-awareness for people that take part.
I have the privilege of sharing in each individual’s personal journey that leads to sustained, positive change and deeper connection.
I’m sensitive to the impact of culture on mental health and strive to make a difference in this space through our work at The Curve.

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Ben Curtis

Founder and Director

I have worked in many diverse roles from tech giants to the armed forces. I have experienced first hand the impacts and challenges that arise when the alignment between an organisation and its people is not where it should be.  It is a privilege to be able to support organisations and their teams as they work together to make lasting and  positive changes. Seeing the difference in relationships and hearing directly of meaningful outcomes on both organisational and individual levels is incredibly rewarding.

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Martin Stannard

Operations Director

At The Curve we believe that every working day for every single person should count for something. Together we can understand the very thing that holds the key to a successful & sustainable business, your people. More specifically the alignment of organisational purpose with that of the people who work there.

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