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Thinking differently about
organisational change

Leading with vision and empathy in transformational times.


Transforming how we work, think and thrive together.

The new era of workplace evolution demands an understanding that change is inherently complex, multifaceted, and deeply interwoven with intangible factors, such as organisational culture, employee engagement, and adaptive behaviours that drive the outcomes of a project. ​


The Advanced Insights Framework


A Research First Approach

The Advanced Insights Framework, developed by industry leading experts in the fields of change, psychology, and anthropology, has proven its impact in guiding leading global organisations since its inception in 2018.

Step 1 Compass: 

AIM: Establish clear strategy & vision, aligned to key business & project objectives.

ApproachInterventions applied to gain an understanding of

everything from leadership vision to perception of cultural identity.​

Step 2 Participate: 

AIM: Actively engaging employees, fostering connection & deep understanding. 


Immersive employee engagement through methods like anecdote circles, supplemented by structured assessments using our tools; Cabot and Cognito.​

Beyond Data

Step 3 Analyse:

AIM: Consolidation of findings from Steps 1 & 2 to develop strategic insight.


Our unique data analysis utilises AI and multidisciplinary expertise to extract trends and insights for strategic decision-making frameworks.​

Step 4 Integrate:

AIM: Integrate evidence & collaborate with stakeholders ​


Playback & Data Expo: Embed evidence into the process (SLT, Project team & Employees) utilising findings, inferences & recommendations to shape the direction of travel.​

Outsource the Complex & Unlock Potential


Core Knowledge Platforms; Built Community, Strategy & Digital


Multidisciplinary teams

Gathering evidence, though perceived as complex and time-consuming, effectively deployed, can preclude costly errors in transformation projects. 

The right framework transforms even the most intricate projects into manageable and comprehensible strategies.​


We specialise in research-based business transformation services across the UK, EMEA, and North America. Our Advanced Insights Framework (AIF) underpins our approach for successful transformation projects.

WHY The Curve?

See the unknown

In a world where change is no longer only constant, it is accelerating and unpredictable. Understanding and leveraging human experiences and preferences is paramount for organisational transformation. We are here to help you navigate this complex terrain.


The Ai:F in Numbers


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Client Applications

Working with diverse organisations to achieve common goals.

In an era where business dynamics are continuously evolving, the need for robust, data-driven strategies has never been greater. Through these case studies, we explore how different organisations—ranging from law firms and private equity groups to global real estate services—have leveraged specific methodologies to enhance decision-making processes, optimise workplace environments, and refine employee engagement practices.

Via the link you will find our collection of transformative case studies that illustrate how The Advanced Insights Framework can be practically applied to resolve complex business challenges across various industries.


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