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No assumptions & no bias, just

true employee understanding


The Curve is empowering people by using innovative and engaging technologies that enable cultural cohesion across changing organisations.
By helping organisations and their staff to understand, design and deliver projects that create workplaces and behaviours which deliver business growth through empowered people.



At The Curve we provide advanced insights we used our evidence based technologies to help unleash an employee’s passion and creativity allowing them to unite with their workplace their colleagues and the organization they work for.


Imagine a world where you could view employee feedback and user experience ratings in real time where reports can be filtered in countless ways and where participants can steer the conversation in a direction that is important to them thus allowing you to gain answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet.

Welcome to The Curve.


Founded in 2018 The Curve are an agile and flexible organisation that empower effective decision making to improve the lives of those around us.


We believe in curiosity and creativity to deliver innovation and engaging experiences for our clients and their teams and service users.


We are a team of workplace specialists, designers, psychologists, anthropologists and software developers.


We operate in the UK & USA supporting clients in both the private and the public sectors.



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Group HRD - Logistics

“The Curve’s tools are simply the best on the market I have come across for gaining employee feedback. There are lots of tools out there pretending to be world class, but Cognito is the only one I have worked with that I would put into that bracket ”  

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